Decentralized medical equipment.

DuraChain is a decentralized healthcare software company, starting with Durable Medical Equipment (DME). We improve patient care by helping providers with streamlining clinical documentation, billing, and reporting needs. Utilizing decentralized technologies such as Matrix we can automate processes, have higher success rates, and decrease the time for a patient to receive their DME. Teaming up with some of the best DME companies in the world, we are here to decentralize the software and revolutionize the industry.



Launch the DuraChain Homepage

Take off! Launch the first version of the DuraChain website with contact details and roadmap.

White Paper

Publish the DuraChain White Paper

Write and publish the DuraChain White Paper outlining our softwares goal and details.

Alpha Release

Alpha release of DuraChain application

Minimum Viable Product release of the DuraChain application to be used for demo.

Beta Release

Beta release of DuraChain application

Working version of DuraChain application with select clients for early testing.

Application Launch

Full release of DuraChain application

Release of first stable version of DuraChain application accessible to all clients.

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